Three Ideal Traits for Improving Layer Health and Eggshell Quality
The modern laying hen has a life cycle of about 100 weeks, and, in that time, they are expected to produce about 500 eggs with strong eggshells. To meet these demands, egg producers must ensure laying hens have these three ideal traits: Robustness A robust laying hen will have the overall health and immune competence to recover from disease and other challenges more quickly, allowing its body to focus on its own maintenance and egg production throughout its life. Establishing robustness is especially critical early in life as the hen receives its vaccinations. Depending on the region, a hen may receive up to 10 types of vaccines. The hen’s immune system must be robust in order to react appropriately to those vaccines. Without a robust immune response, the bird will not be able to produce the antibodies to protect itself against the disease.
Momentum continues for U.S. beef and pork exports
March was a record-breaking month for U.S. beef and pork exports. The U.S. Meat Export Federation released a report compiled from USDA data that the exports continued the momentum in April. "Looking back at April 2020, it was a difficult month for red meat exports as we began to see COVID-related supply chain interruptions and foodservice demand took a major hit in many key markets," said USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom. "While it is no surprise that exports performed much better in April 2021, we are pleased to see that global demand continued to build on the broad-based growth achieved in March."
With chicken prices soaring, Sanderson Farms sold for $4.5B
MISSISSIPPI (AP) — Sanderson Farms, one of nation’s third largest poultry producer, is being acquired for $4.53 billion as the price of chicken soars. Cargill and privately held Continental Grain formed a joint venture to acquire Sanderson and will pay $203 per share in cash for a company that last year processed more than 4.8 billion pounds of meat.
Top Thai Meat Producer Shuts Factory on Coronavirus Outbreak
Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl, Thailand’s biggest meat producer, will close its factory in Saraburi province for five days to stem the novel coronavirus outbreak, according to the provincial government.
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  • Saudi Arabia halts trade 11 Brazilian poultry processors
    The Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) voiced surprise about the decision, and ministries are evaluating a possible appeal to the WTO. On 6 May, Saudi Arabia suspended poultry exports from 11 Brazilian poultry processing plants, 7 of which are JBS plants. The Arab country is the second main destination for Brazilian chicken exports. The measure will come into effect on 23 May.
    Iran Chicken market in the forthcoming months
    “The price of day old chicken and animal feed are two determining factors in chicken price. Any price increase in these two important factors along with other factors like drugs and vaccination prices, worker and transportation fee would affect broiler price.” The Head of Khoozestan province poultry association said.
    Incubation key to preventing leg problems in turkey poults
    Excessive heat and humidity during incubation can cause leg problems in turkey poults, ultimately leading to higher hatchery costs mainly due to an increase in the percentage of culls, according to a hatchery expert. Juan Carlos Lopez, DVM, PhD, hatchery specialist with Hendrix Genetics said leg problems such as red hocks, splayed legs and crooked toes are usually caused by excessive heat or humidity in the setter. High heat also affects the amount of yolk poults absorb, which has consequences during the first week the poults are on the farm, he told Poultry Health Today. Leg problems stemming from
    New Milk Processing Technique an Alternative to Pasteurization
    Australian researchers have developed a new technique to process raw milk that claims to deliver all the benefits of pasteurization, while leaving more nutrients and flavor intact. The “Haelen®” processing technique uses pressure treatment instead of heat to kill harmful pathogens and prolong shelf life of milk. Developers of the technology declare the end product retains higher levels of vitamins, proteins and enzymes that are damaged or destroyed via pasteurization.
    Daniel Olson: Expanding the Digestible Fiber Pool
    Probably the greatest advancement in dairy nutrition over the last 30 years has been our increased understanding of digestible fiber. NDF was considered monolithic and there were no differences when we plugged in the NDF of corn silage, alfalfa, warm and cool season grasses. Now with metrics such as NDFD30 and uNDF240 we know there are tremendous differences. Properly testing and attributing value to digestible fiber has allowed milk production to dramatically increase and for better utilization of forages in dairy diets. The next frontier will be an increased focus on feed efficiency and will also be centered on expanding the digestible fiber pool.
    Iran is in need of vaccine producing!
    “At present, we are in need of 6 vaccines in the field of Livestock and 18 vaccines in the field of poultries which the researchers are asked for production.” Agriculture Jihad ministry declared.
    Day old chickens: Increase in productions and decrease in demand
    The head of day old chicken producers’ association declared: “Considering farmers low demand and the current surplus, day old chicken producers are suffering losses.”
    Researchers boost poultry immune system with antibodies
    Poultry fed antibodies enjoy stronger immune response, gain more weight in university trial Antibodies, fed alongside other supplements, may help
    Consumption of Human soya for poultry feed
    IRAN – Assuming that monetary value of dollar is 270,000 Rials in Iran, therefor the global price of soymeal is half of Iran domestic market. Although the import of
    13,700 MT livestock Input have been imported
    “The inputs have been imported on the basis of Governmental exchange and there should be a strong monitoring on its distribution.” The head of Agricultural Commission of Majlis, Mr. Javad Sadati Nejad declared.
    Dead chicks, delayed prescriptions: Late mail leaves rural America disconnected
    When Jacob Gray opened the box of chicks he ordered, he saw that about 300 of them had been mashed to a pulp. The 100 or so birds that survived tread on their dead fellows and nibbled on what remained of them.
    UConn researcher awarded $10M USDA grant for project to decrease use of antibiotics in poultry
    A UConn researcher won a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fund a project related to decreasing the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry, as well as community health and environmental sustainability. The U.S. produces more than nine billion broiler chickens annually. And a recent USDA report valued annual broiler production at more than $31.7 billion. To maintain such high production rates, the industry relies on antibiotics to prevent diseases. However, the federal Food and Drug Administration recently issued a directive to poultry producers to begin phasing out the use of antibiotic growth promoters, following concerns abut the spread of antibiotic resistance. “This project addresses
    Will Arian variety be back to Iran poultry market?
    Considering Iran’s $540 million Broiler industry cash flow, making the industry very important to the country’s economy. Meanwhile, the authorities are about to Bold the name of Arian Jooje in the Iran poultry industry. But have they surveyed every aspect of the matter?
    Are insects and microalgae the broiler feed of the future?
    Investigations into the feeding of insects and microalgae to broilers has found that both sources of protein represent a suitable sustainable alternative to soymeal. The Germany study, carried out by researchers from the University of Gottingen, found that meat quality of chickens
    Currency Fluctuations halted the supply of Animal Feed and Veterinary Medicines
    “Many of veterinary medicine producers and Feed companies have halted their distributions due to increase in currency and price fluctuations.” Zabihollah Azimi Iran deputy said. Regarding chicken price increase
    Poultry feed sales down across Europe
    The production of poultry feed across Europe is expected to decline 5.2% during 2020 in response to the loss of production during the COVID-19 pandemic. The provisional figures have been produced by FEFAC, the trade body representing animal feed manufacturers across Europe. The organisation said
    World Milk Day | 1 June 2020
    Since the first World Milk Day was held in 2001, many countries spread throughout the world have participated in the celebrations and the number is growing each year. Why hold a World Milk Day? The Day provides an opportunity to
    Using Chickens and Geese in the Garden
    Chickens and geese aren’t just a great homestead food source. You can start using chickens and geese in the garden to help you create a bountiful harvest each year! And, if you’ve ever wanted to start raising geese, this is a great excuse for you to dive right in this year. Especially weeder geese! We first started using chickens in our garden on our half-acre homestead a few years ago. One of the things I absolutely despised doing was garden clean up at the end of each season. When I realized I could turn the chickens loose and have them do a lot of the clean up for me, I was in heaven. Chickens for the garden — you’d think that it’s counterproductive
    2 million chickens will be killed in Delaware and Maryland because of lack of employees at processing plants
    (CNN)Two million chickens on several farms in Delaware and Maryland will be "depopulated" -- meaning humanely killed -- due to a lack of employees at chicken processing plants, according to a statement from Delmarva Poultry Industry Inc. The reduced employee attendance at the company's plants is a result of "additional community cases of COVID-19, additional testing, and people practicing the 'stay home if you're sick' social distancing guidance from public health officials," the statement reads. The chickens will be
    US poultry shipments to China boosted
    Retaliatory tariffs are not being imposed on chicken products shipped from the US to China following a decision to make poultry eligible for exemptions to extra duties, Reuters reports. In February, China said it would grant exemptions
    Evonik showcases poultry data system Porphyrio at IPPE
    Evonik highlights the use of biostatistics to improve poultry production with the introduction of its flock data management and predictive software program Porphyrio. The Germany-based company introduced Porphyrio to poultry industry members during the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia. The system initially started with work that came out of the University of
    Infectious bronchitis breaks out in chickens given away by govt in KP
    PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s Backyard Poultry Farming project suffered a setback after the outbreak of infectious bronchitis in chickens distributed among farmers in Peshawar and other parts of the province. Veterinarians at the Civil Veterinary Hospital, Peshawar, have confirmed the endemic of infectious bronchitis, an acute, highly contagious upper respiratory tract disease in the Rhode Island Red chickens, which were recently given away to farmers.
    Under a law signed on Thursday, Michigan will become the largest egg-producing state, and the fifth state overall, to require farmers to switch to cage-free egg production. The Humane Society of the United States, which has campaigned nationwide against so-called battery cages for egg-laying hens, said success in Michigan, a farm state, “shows just how rapidly American views on the treatment of farm animals are evolving.” The new law requires Michigan farmers to modify poultry barns for cage-free production by the end of 2024 and, beginning in 2025, bans the sale in Michigan of eggs from other states that are not produced under cage-free conditions, said the Associated Press. Lt. Gov. Gavin Gilchrist signed the bill in the absence of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who is on a trade mission to Israel. “Today, more than 20% of the industry is cage-free,
    Mad cow fright keeps EU cautious on food rules
    BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The specter of the 1990s BSE crisis means the European Union is likely to reject U.S. demands it ease strict food safety rules, even with President Donald Trump threatening car tariffs if EU countries do not start importing more U.S. farm products.With European food and farming exports to the United States worth up to $12 billion a year more than imports, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue told the EU last month it should adapt its food regulations to reflect “sound science”. But there seems little prospect Brussels will agree. Europeans who remember BSE,
    Corn scarcity looms over poultry farmers in Blitar
    The extreme rains that affected many parts of the country including Blitar, East Java in recent months have worried poultry farmers in the regency as the rains have caused a further scarcity of corn, which is used for chicken feed. Sukarman, the head of local cooperative
    About 300,000 hens were killed in a fire at a Michigan egg farm
    (CNN)About 300,000 hens were killed by a fire at a poultry farm in southwestern Michigan, CNN affiliate WWMT reported. Multiple fire departments responded Friday to the barn fire at the Konos Inc. egg farm, a distributor of Vande Bunte Eggs, in Otsego Township, Michigan, the station said. The barn
    South Korea Bans Poultry Imports From UK, Netherlands Over Bird Flu Concern
    South Korea banned all poultry products coming from Britain and the Netherlands after cases of bird flu were reported in both countries. MOSCOW, November 18 (Sputnik) — South Korea has
    Free attendee activities, networking opportunities offered at 2020 IPPE
    IPPE will be held January 28 – 30, 2020 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. IPPE attendees are encouraged to stop by booths A246, B8647 and C9249 for daily TECHTalks. These short, educational exhibitor presentations address operations and technical issues critical to all aspects of the animal food, meat and poultry industries. The presentations will be offered from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30pm on Tuesday, January 28; 9:50 a.m. to 4:30pm on Wednesday, January 29; and 9:20 a.m. to 1:00pm on Thursday, January 30. Attendees
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